Orthopedic – Bone cements

The G21 bone cements for orthopedics are the results of the evaluation and improvement of the other systems available on the market.

G21 - Vertebral consolidation - Bone Cements

Vertebral consolidation – Bone cements

The G21 bone cements are indicated for consolidation and stabilization of a fractured, collapsed or compressed vertebral body caused by traumas or pathological conditions, such as osteoporosis or tumours.

G21 - Chirurgia spinale - Accessori per la miscelazione e l’iniezione di cementi ossei

Vertebral consolidation – Accessories for mixing and injection of bone cements

G21 offers a variety of mixing and injection systems to complete its product portfolio for vertebral consolidation, ranging from basic bowls and syringes to fully sealed vacuum systems.

G21 - Chirurgia spinale - KEYFIX™ jack kyphoplasty mini balloon

Vertebral consolidation – Kyphoplasty

Osteoporosis and metastasis may weaken the vertebrae to such a point that they fracture by effect of the compression generated by normal everyday activities, causing pain and difficulty of movement in the patients.

G21 - Flex drill

Vertebral consolidation – Flex Drill

A flexible drill made of medical grade nitinol that can be used to create a cavity suitable for the kyphoplasty balloon catheter in the vertebra.

Vertebral consolidation – Flex Filler

Flex Filler has been developed to achieve a localized augmentation of the vertebral body, allowing the operator to keep control of the cement flow during the injection.